Radiation Shielding Consulting

Ultraray is pleased to partner with JF Medical Physics to offer radiation shielding contulting, shielding integrity evaluations, and shielding adequacy evaluations. By working with a board-certified Diagnostic Medical Physicist, you can be confident that you will be receiving advice and results from a qualified and trusted individual.

About Jeff Frimeth

Jeff Frimeth, M.Sc., MCCPM, CIIP, President & Chief Medical Physicist of JF Medical Physics, brings his specialized education and experiences to Ultraray and ultimately to YOU. Jeff has provided multiple radiation protection consultations related, but not exclusive, to:

- Determining lead required to ensure exposures are limited to nearby occupants

- Ensuring the lead is installed appropriately

- Completing on behalf of medical/dental Ontario facilities, the XRIS plan applications

- Recommendations on lead PPE (personnel protective equipment) inspections

- Numerous in-services/presentations (both in Canada and the US)

Jeff is also a Director at Large for the Ontario Association of Medical Physicists (OAMP) and is a member of the Professional Affairs Committee for the Canadian Organization of Medical Physicists (COMP).

“How much lead do I need?” is a common question we are asked. Unfortunately, the answer cannot be looked up on a simple chart. Rather, the calculations of minimum required lead thickness are based on factors such as: the location of the x-ray unit, occupied areas, and the amount of use of the x-ray machine. We adhere to the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle in recommending only the minimum thickness of lead you need, helping to reduce material and labour costs while still meeting associated legal compliance requirements.

Our multi-step process shielding integrity evaluation focuses on two phases related to the inspection of lead for voids, defects, and discontinuities. Phase 1 usually involves multiple trips to the job site and includes photographic documentation and visual inspection of the installed shielding (e.g. sheet lead, doors, windows, and frames). Currently this is not a legal requirement, at least for medical/dental X-ray facilities, but may prove itself beneficial. For example, we have found voids in sheet lead, especially around electrical panels at other facilities. The extra cost for these services may prove itself extremely beneficial versus the extra added cost of tearing down drywall and existing lead if immediate action is required. Phase 2 involves the use of a radioactive source to evaluate for radiation “leaks”. N.B. If the facility does not have access to a radioactive source, then this may not be possible. However, Phase 1 shielding integrity will still be possible.

Once the x-ray machine is installed, our shielding adequacy evaluation tests how well the lead performs to limit exposures to adjacent individuals from nearby occupied areas. This involves multiple measurements usually inside and outside the room to verify the radiation barriers in-place are appropriate.

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