Lead Wool Blankets

Ultraray has teamed up with Lancs Industries to provide lead wool blankets to the nuclear, oil & gas, and industrial NDT sectors. Our partner is the largest manufacturer of lead blankets in the world – we offer you great prices, unparalleled product quality, and unmatched lead times!

The lead wool used in our blankets is made in accordance with Federal Specification QQ-C-40 Type II Grade C. This interlaced lead wool is compacted in a random orientation to ensure consistent attenuation without streaming. All lead blankets are constructed by encapsulating the lead within an inner cover to contain the lead, and then a heavier outer cover for added protection and durability.

Product Info Sheet

Lead WoolApprox. FinishedLead Sheet% Dose Ratet  
Density (lb / sq ft) Blanket Thickness (in) Equivalent Thickness (in)Reduction (60Co)
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