Lead Wool Blankets

Ultraray lead wool blankets are manufactured for vast range of uses throughout the nuclear, oil & gas, and industrial sectors. 

These blankets are crafted with layers of continuous lead wool rope to diminish voids and enhance radiation attenuation. They are remarkable flexibility and come in an array of sizes, shapes, and weights to ensure efficient shielding around various components.

Ultraray offers: 

  • PVC Covered Lead Wool Blankets

  • High Temp Lead Wool Blankets

  • Curved Blankets, Magnets, Straps

  • Nozzle Shielding

  • Steam Gen Shielding

Lead Wool Approx. Finished Lead Sheet % Dose Ratet    
Density (lb / sq ft) Blanket Thickness (in) Equivalent Thickness (in) Reduction (60Co)
10 3/8 1/8 20%
12.5 1/2 5/32 23%
15 5/8 3/16 26%
20 3/4 1/4 31%
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