Ultraray Radiation Protection stocks sheet lead rolls in a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses to ensure speedy pickup or delivery of the material. Additionally, our in-house CNC capabilities are able to accommodate custom sizes of lead sheets/plates to match any radiation shielding application. 

With purity of 99.5% and higher, our sheet lead is the best material of choice in any design for X-Ray or gamma ray shielding. Its high malleability, density and consistency offer easy shaping of the material, and also provide maximum protection with minimum thickness to suit your application. Our lead has been proven to block radiation time and time again. 

Some characteristics of our sheet lead that make it the most commonly used lead shielding material for a variety of radiation shielding applications:

  • Density: Provides better radiation shielding compared to a thicker layer of plaster, glass or concrete. Its limpness also offers superb soundproofing capabilities. 

  • Malleability: Highly malleable and can be easily shaped to match the client’s radiation shielding specifications. We can build it into, or add it to walls, doors, and window frames for effective radiation protection. 

  • Resistant to Corrosion: Our sheet lead exhibits extreme resistance to corrosion. 

Ultraray has extensive knowledge and experience in industries including Medical, Dental, Veterinary, Nuclear, Security and Detection, Checkpoint and Defense, NDT, and Construction. We will provide the right lead radiation shielding expertise for your application while helping you meet all safety and environmental regulations and standards.

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Custom Sizes available upon request


1/32″ 1/16″ 1/8″ 5/64″ 3/32″
4′ x 7′ 4′ x7′ 4′ x7′ 4′ x 8′ 4′ x7′  
4′ x 8′ 4′ x 8′ 4′ x 8′   4′ x 8′  
4′ x 10′          

Common, Chemical or Antimonial Lead

Lbs./SF Actual Thickness
Maximum Size
Decimal Fraction
1.0 0.016 1/64
2.0 0.033 1/32
2.5 0.041 1/24
3.0 0.05
3.5 0.058
3.75 0.063 1/16
4.0 0.066
5.0 0.082 1/12
6.0 0.1 1/10
6.5 0.105
7.0 0.117
7.5 0.125 1/8
8.0 0.133
10 0.167 1/6
11.25 0.187 3/16
12 0.2 1/5
15 0.25 1/4
16 0.267
20 0.333 1/3
24 0.4 2/5
30 0.5 1/2
40 0.667 2/3
45 0.75 3/4
60 1 1

Sheet lead has long been the material of choice for x-ray room & medical imaging construction. Because lead has a low level of neutron absorption, it emits practically no secondary radiation.Lead sheeting, even after long periods of radiation exposure will not become radioactive. In any imaging facility where space is at a premium, sheet lead has the advantage of being dense, easily fabricated, and available in a variety of forms. We offer Common, Chemical or Antimonial lead at any required thickness. We can also custom bond sheet Lead to Lined Drywall /Plywood for the same level of protection, with greater structural support. As required our technical and QA team will provide tailored Certificates of Conformance (CofC) and First Articles of Inspection (FAI).

  • X-Ray
  • Construction
  • Sound Proofing
  • Corrosion Protection
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