Lead Lined Plywood

Ultraray's Lined Lead Plywood is well suited to a great many installation applications due to its versatility, easy fabrication and availability in a variety of forms. There are a number of methods of applying lead for effective radiation protection: Sheet Lead, Lead Brick, Leaded Glass, and a variety of lead lined common building materials, such as leaded drywall.

Lead shielding is extensively used in Medical, Nuclear and Industrial facilities for installations that often cover a large surface area, such as walls and ceilings. When greater structural support is required for the application, we bond our un-pierced sheet lead to common building materials like Drywall (also known as Gypsum Board or Sheet Rock), Plywood and other materials. Ultraray’s Sheet Lead, with the highest possible lead purity of 99.5% or higher, is used in our Lead Lined Drywall and Plywood. 

Ultraray provides standard 1/2” or 5/8” drywall adhesive bonded to lead of desired thickness to suit our client’s needs. We also offer specialty drywall options: Fire-rated, Mold/Moisture-resistant, and/or Impact-resistant boards. When the lead shielding exceeds 1/8” in thickness, Lead Lined Plywood becomes more suitable to accommodate the extra weight and provide architectural support. A variety of plywood options, including fire-treated, is available.  

Additionally, Lead Batten Strips, Tabs and Lead Disc Covers are also available for the shielding of cut outs and penetrations that may exist in the wall. Use of additional lead items for penetration coverage will ensure total protection, free of potential radiation leaks.

Our CNC cutting department can provide custom sizes and shapes for any application.

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