Lead Lined Doors & Windows

Ultraray Radiation Protection stocks a variety of standard size Lead Lined Doors & Windows.

Ultraray can customize all doors and frames to meet client specification with multiple options, while offering the best protection available. Our doors can be tailored for X-Ray, Gamma, PET/CT and any other nuclear application including motorized for NDT/NDE, Linear Accelerator and heavy weight applications. Engineering services available for the heaviest of door applications.

Lead Lined Doors are fabricated using metal or wood with any lead thickness required. Ultraray offers a variety of wood veneers and designer metal finishes.

Four major types of doors are available:

  • Lead Lined Hollow Metal

  • Lead Lined Metal Fire-Rated

  • Lead Lined, Fire-Treated Wood Veneer

  • Lead Lined, Solid Core Wood Veneer

Ultraray’s Lead Lined Frames are also essential in radiation protection. Our lead lined hollow metal frames are constructed with 16 or 18 gauge steel lined with sheet lead to match the wall, providing a continuous, leak-free protection throughout the room.

To satisfy your unique specifications, we also offer:

  • 12 or 14 gauge steel

  • Knock Down Frames

  • Welded Frames

  • Additional hardware – i.e. anchors, clips, wire, yoke & strap, EMA/EXB

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