Custom Mobile Barrier Solution for SCCS

Three Of The Same Style Mobile Barrier Beside Each Other
When it comes to providing custom radiation shielding, nobody delivers a more creative and practical solution than Ultraray.  

Recently, Ultraray was asked to provide the Saskatchewan Centre for Cyclotron Sciences with two tailor made mobile radiation barriers. The 4’ wide by over 6’ high mobile barriers each include 1” of lead shielding; that’s about 16 times the shielding in a standard mobile radiation barrier used in the medical field. Of course, the added lead shielding means a lot more weight – each barrier weighs about 2,000 lbs – making it difficult to physically move the barriers around.

To overcome this challenge, Ultraray employed the use of specially designed heavy-duty swivel casters along with an enhanced foot base on the bottom of each barrier. Furthermore, Ultraray delivered the barriers to the customer fully assembled and ready-to-use.

The end result? Adequate radiation shielding and an easy-to-use mobile barrier solution.