Shielded Waste Decay Barrels

As with all of our products, we will be happy to design and manufacture a custom shielded waste decay barrel to meet your exact specifications.

  • Any size barrel

  • Any thickness of lead shielding

  • Any size or location of drop-port hole

  • Lid included with the barrel

  • Lids have two heavy-duty handles

  • Custom designs available

Model NumberOutside Dimensions (in.)Capacity (gallon)Lead Shielding
Lid (in.)Drop Port Hold (in.)Finish(4)Weight (lbs)
B-.5-182430(1)18 dia. x 24 h300.5019 (2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)P450
B-.5-182430S(1)18 dia. x 24 h300.5019(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)SS450
B-.75-182430(1)18 dia. x 24 h300.7519(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)P600
B-.75-182430S(1)18 dia. x 24 h300.7519(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)SS600
B-1-182430(1)18 dia. x 24 h301.0019(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)P900
B-1-182430S(1)18 dia. x 24 h301.0019(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)SS900
B-1.25-182430(1)18 dia. x 24 h301.2519(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)P1125
B-1.25-182430S(1)18 dia. x 24 h301.2519(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)SS1125
B-1.5-182430(1)18 dia. x 24 h301.5019(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)P1350
B-1.5-182430S(1)18 dia. x 24 h301.5019(2) dia.4.5 dia.(3)SS1350
B-.125-1495S(1)14 dia. x 9 h50.12515(2) dia.n/aSS35
B-.25-1495S(1)14 dia. x 9 h50.2515(2) dia.n/aSS55
B-.125-141810S(1)14 dia. x 18 h100.12515(2) dia.n/aSS66
B-.25-141810S(1)14 dia. x 18 h100.2515(2) dia.n/aSS100
B-.125-14.52715(5)14.5 dia. x 27 h150.12514.5(7) dia.7 x 7(6)P95
B-.25-14.52715(5)14.5 dia. x 27 h150.2514.5(8) dia.7 x 7(6)P190
B-.125-1928.530(5)19 dia. x 28.5 h300.12519(7) dia.7 x 7(6)P145
B-.25-1928.530(5)19 dia. x 28.5 h300.2519(8) dia.7 x 7(6)P290
B-.125-22.53555(5)22.5 dia. x 35 h550.12522.5(7) dia.7 x 7(6)P200
B-.25-22.53555(5)22.5 dia. x 35 h550.2522.5(8) dia.7 x 7(6)P400

(1) Barrel is constructed of rolled sheet lead
(2) Lid is constructed of 0.75” thick aluminum-reinforced solid lead with 2 lifting handles. Replacement lids and replacement drop port hole caps are available.
(3) Drop port hole can be centered or offset. Drop port hole cap with handle is included. Drop port cap is 0.75” thick lead disk 6” in diameter.
(4) P = paint; SS = stainless steel
(5) Barrel is a lead-lined steel barrel
(6) Drop port hole is centered with a hinged drop port hole cap.
(7) Lid has 0.125” lead shielding
(8) Lid has 0.25” lead shielding