Shielded Waste Decay Barrel Accessories

The Model B-Lid-C/OS Stainless steel Shielded Waste Decay Barrel Lid fits 18” diameter, 30 gallon barrels. The lid is constructed of 0.75” thick solid with aluminum-reinforcement with 2 lifting handles. The lid is available with drop port hole centered or offset. Weight 100 lbs.

The Model D-Lid-C painted Shielded Waste Decay Barrel Lid fits 55 gallon barrels. It is 23” in diameter with a 7” x 7” drop port hole.

The Model B-Dolly-S Dolly is for 18” diameter, 30 gallon barrels. The dolly is 19.25” diameter, 4” tall and has four heavy-duty casters. The Model B-Dolly-HD heavy-duty dolly has a 0.5” deck height for maximum stability and a removable handle. Heavy-duty dollies are available for 30 and 55 gallon barrels and are rated at 1,200 lbs. Dollies are available for 5, 10 and 15 gallon barrels.

The Model B-DPS Waste Decay Barrel Shielded Drop Port Sleeve has an 8” diameter retainer lip and a 3” diameter, 7.5” long sleeve that is shielded with 0.75” of lead. It is used to shield waste as it is dropped into a shielded waste decay barrel. Weight 15 lbs.

The Model B-Cap Drop Port Hole Cap is a painted 6”, 0.75” thick lead disk with a handle that is used to cover the drop port hole. Weight 5 lbs.

  • Shielded waste decay barrel lids

  • Standard barrel dolly

  • Heavy-duty barrel dolly

  • Shielded drop port sleeve

  • Drop port hole cap

  • Custom designs available

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