Lead Wool Blankets

One of Ultraray's most recognized shielding products is the lead wool blanket. Built to last, the proven strength and durability of these blankets are found within their formulation and construction. Each blanket is layered in continuous lead wool rope, minimizing gaps and increasing attenuation. Our lead blankets are highly flexible and are manufactured in a multitude of sizes, shapes and weights for effective shielding around components. 


  • Mold lead blankets to many components
  • Lead wool rope stability, even with continuous hanging and rough use, has been proven to last more than 30 years
  • Customize outer covers with choice of color, material and company information
  • Information related to previous order can be tracked because every Ultraray lead wool blanket has a traceable lot number number

Product Information Sheet

Handles set on the long side of the blankets allow workers to lift and place blankets with ease. Blankets can now be easily and quickly moved from storage to hooks or racks in the areas they are needed. The larger borders on these blankets make for handles that can easily accommodate a gloved hand. 

  • Faster and easier handling
  • More Maneuverability
  • Carry a blanket with one hand
  • Better leverage for installation
  • Weight of each blanket printed on the front
  • Part and lot numbers for quick identification
  • Custom printed plant/utility logos
  • Print extra details such as what unit the blanket should be in or what application it is for 

​​Located under the label and used in conjunction with a scanner, RFID tages give a unique ID to each blanket and keeps track of its movement

  • Quick counting
  • Keep track of how many blankets go in and out
  • Inventory management

In conformance to military standards, the layer of compressed, continuous lead wool rope offers the strongest and most durable lead blanket protection.

The lead wool rope is stitched in a continuous diamond quilting pattern that repeats every twelve inches throughout the blanket (high temperature blankets are secured with Kevlar thread, the strongest synthetic fiber in the world). That diamond pattern, combined with double stitching down the center and around the perimeter of the blanket, assures lead immobility. Radio frequency heat sealed borders make our standard PVC laminate blankets waterproof.

Heavy duty grommets and special border construction secures each grommet up to 400 pounds on our standard yellow PVC laminate coverings. Grommets can be located within the leaded portion of the blanket

These blankets provide you access when you need it and protection when you don’t. With overlapping vertical shield segments that easily separate, the specialized blanket segments tend to move front to back, offering highly effective shielding during component maintenance or other routine outages.

Mold your lead wool blankets directly to the dose source with custom shaped blankets. Ultraray can manufacture virtually any size or shape lead blanket to meet your specific requirements.

Fit those tight, small spaces with our lead wool snakes. Snakes can also be used as a wrap around radioactive pipes, valves, detectors, or other areas where flexible shielding would be required.

Available in various sizes, shapes and weights, our alpha maritex coverings can withstand continuous temperatures of 550+ degrees Fahrenheit (288 degrees Celsius). The blankets are typically used in high temperature applications and have been used as permanent shielding in some facilities.

These magnetic tiles allow for quick installation on any carbon steel surface while offering a significant dose reduction. The tiles are easy to use and are moldable to slightly curved surfaces. Low profile hand-holds allow for easy transport to the shielding location. Used in conjunction with other tiles, minimal streaming of radiation can be achieved.

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