Dry Cask Shielding Packages

Dry cask operations are a significant contributor to overall dose at plants who employ them. Recent trends of storing radiologically hotter fuel casks an increased push to reduce neutron dose exposure has made the implementation of shielding into the process all the more important. 

Product Information Sheet

Composite Lid Shield 

  • Neutron + Gamma Shielding
  • Borated PE and Tungsten T-Flex
  • 70% gamma atteniation (Co-60)
  • 60% neutron attenuation
  • 50 lb max weight per piece
  • Custom configurations

High Temperature Lead Wool Shield

  • Implemented by over 12 sites in the US
  • 60% gamma attenuation (Co-60) 
  • +500°F continuous service temperature max
  • 35 lb per piece

Composite Bell Shield

The composite bell shield provides gamma + neutron shielding during dry cask operations. The cylinder provides shielding around the transfer cask and above the work platform. Atop the cylinder is a 6" tall 6" thick ring that reduces shine from the canister lid and annulus gap areas. The bell shield is supported by sitting atop the transfer cask. Can be manufactured for use with any dry cask system. 

  • Rated lifting lugs
  • Epoxy Coated Finish
  • Custom sizes available 
  • For use with our Lid Shield
  • Approx Weight: 5000 lb 

Gamma Bell Shield

​Same design principles as Composite Bell Shield except shield material is for gamma only. For use at sites with older fuel such as those in the decommissioning process. 

Neutron Shield Panels

Solid shield panels with mitered edges to eliminate streaming gaps and holes for attachment via tie-wrap/carabiner/S-hook to hand rails, etc. Typical 2" thickness provides approximately 45% neutron attenuation. 

  • Typical 2" thickness = 12 lb/ft squared 
  • Custom sizes available
  • Magnetic flexible neutron shielding also available

Gamma Shield Blankets 

Ultraray makes shield blankets in all sizes, shapes and materials. High temperature, solid lead, T-Flex, magnetic. Tell us your requirements and we'll recommend the right blanket for the job. 


Our serpentine system is designed to provide virtually any shielding wall configuration, including low dose waiting areas, portable frisking caves, shadow shield walls, and shields for rad material transfers.

This sturdy and adjustable system was designed to replace scaffolding, currently used to hang lead blankets. By placing the installation process in the hands of the RP departments, setup time and potentially critical path time is saved. 

Our serpentine racks are compatible with 10#/sq. ft. and 15#/sq. ft. blankets, up to six layers and totaling 3,060 pounds per three-foot wide section. 

H-Frame Rack

H-Frame racks can be assembled as a single - or double-tiered support rack, including telescoping options. These racks are constructed to hold three layers of blankets - 3', 4' and 6' per side. Staggered leg heights permit "L-shaped" shield walls. All legs include provisions for outriggers (optional). 

Flyable Rack

The flyable rack can be loaded with blankets in a low dose area and moved into place with a crane. Perfect for low dose waiting areas in hard to access places. Folds neatly for storage when not in use. 

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